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Two Stunning New Plants for the Northwest Garden

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Clematis lovers will drool over this one. Keep an eye out for this new variety in the Texensis group–Clematis ‘Zoprika’ (sometimes sold under the trade name Princess Kate) I love this group of clems, the only group that gives us the red flowers. This one is going to be a heartbreaker at 10-12 feet tall. Leaves are fragrant when brushed against The flowers are snow-white inside and rose-violet on the outside. I can’t wait to see this one in person! (Photo by J. van Zoest). 

Clematis Zoprika

How to plant Hibiscus? Just like the lilies in the container.

Another plant to keep an eye out for is an early flowering Hibiscus ‘Tangria,’ which flowers well in our cool Pacific Northwest gardens. I have one hibiscus that for the most part sits in the ground all pretty and rarely blooms. It buds up some years, but without the heat in summer and cold springs, it doesn’t flower in time before fall slices it back to the ground. This one flowers earlier so should be a reliable bloomer. 

Hibiscus ‘Tangri”s flowers are up to nine inches across. Am I back in Hawaii, yet? The young foliage is purple-ish red. Flowers from July to September. (Sopho image)

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