Tropical Landscaping

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Tropical landscaping refers to the use of tropical plants in the landscape design which will lend an exotic appearance to the landscape and make you feel like you are in another world. More and more home owners are using tropical plants in their landscape designs and commercial and public establishments are following suit.

tropical landscaping in north carolina

If the area where you live has a warm to hot summertime climate and is also cold in the winter season (temperature should fall to no less that – 4 C. / 25 F.) then you can make use of such exquisite plants as agaves, palms, hibiscus, gingers & heliconias. You can also use fruit trees like CITRUS, carambola, canastel (eggfruit), and lychee. To keep your trees healthy and safe, B&T’s Tree Service in Clearwater Location is happy to provide you with a wide range of tree services.

What is required to keep those tropical plants thriving and flourishing? The most basic requirement is water – and LOTS of it. If you are in a place that cannot supply abundant water then forget about planting tropical plants till you get to a place that can. If you’re looking for the top Manhattan tree care company, Manhattan Tree Care experts are standing by 24/7 to handle your routine or emergency tree service needs, view more details on their website.

The next requirement is HEAT as in plenty of sunshine. These plants bask in the sunlight and it is vital for their growth and very existence. Remember cold frosts, freezing temperatures and snow is an absolute no – no.

You can find these tropical plants flourishing in areas that experience high rainfall and sun like Florida, The Gulf Coast of the USA, Queensland & Northern Australia, The Caribbean Region, and Polynesia. You can also find them in the hot but somewhat drier regions of South Africa, California, and the Mediterranean, North Carolina.

These tropical plants will grow to amazing heights towering over you in 5 – 10 years from the time of planting

Tropical plants can create a sense of relaxation that is the main attraction for users.

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