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Tigridia pavonia

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Plant a beastly beautiful plant.

Tigridia pavonia bulbs

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show is the place to look for spectacular, rare and unusual plants. One of the best, tiger flower (Tigridia pavonia), is waiting for you at Van Veen’s Bulbs in the plant market. The exotic, red or yellow, 4-inch wide flowers consist of a central cup crisscrossed with boldly colored tiger-stripes, surrounded by three large, dark colored petals, and three shorter, highly colorful ones. Each exquisite flower lasts only one day, but the plants produce a succession of brightly colored replacements over a long period during summer. These Iris relatives are bulbous perennials and, considering they come from Mexico, are surprisingly hardy. Plant the Tigridia pavonia bulbs as soon as possible (except during freezing weather) 4 inches deep in full-sun and well-drained soil. Mulch deeply to prevent the bulbs from freezing. I guarantee you’ll meet all your neighbors as they stroll by your garden and catch a glimpse of this wild tiger.

when to plant tigridia pavonia bulbs

When to plant tigridia pavonia bulbs

Plant Tigridia shell flowers in the garden in spring. Tiger flowers are semi-hardy and can be damaged at temperatures of 28 F. (-2 C.) and below. Those in zones with cold winters should lift the bulbs and store them during winter. In warmer areas where bulbs are not lifted, tiger flower care includes division every few years.

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