Things to Bear in Mind while Buying Plants

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Given below are a few things to bear in mind while purchasing plants for your landscaping design

Buying them young
Bigger and well grown plants are generally costlier than their younger counterparts. So if you are budget conscious and do not mind waiting for sometime until the younger plants grow; go for smaller plants. Landscaping plants in smaller container will not take much time to grow and once that happens, you have got yourself a good deal at a low cost for just the same or better results.

purchasing landscaping plants

Checking for Weeds
Often the soil on which the plants are made available tends to have weeds. This is bad news as weeds have a property of spreading rapidly once planted on big soil. So before making the purchase, make sure that the surface of the soil is free from any weed or mold.

Checking out the Plant
Take your time and check out the plants from all directions to ensure that the leaves look fresh and are not damaged or discolored. In addition inspect the steps for injury of any kind. This small check can save you lots of trouble afterwards

Enquiring about Growth Habits
Try to get as much information about the plants as possible from the vendor. Make sure to ask about the growth rate; sun and water requirements; plant size on maturity; heat and wind tolerance, resistance to herbicides and soil preference along with other general plant characteristics.

Color Combinations
Good color combination is extremely essential for any kind of landscape. Keeping this in main make sure you have done your research regarding the colors you need before entering into the landscaping plant shop. If you are not sure about the colors you should go for, consult an expert regarding the matter or read some books on color theory.

When to Start Planting
The best time of the year to start planting would be during spring or autumn. But you can go about planting evergreens at anytime of the year, provided the soil is moist and not frozen. Plants having large roots may grow best if planted in spring, where as plants having fibrous roots many do well irrespective of when they are planted.

Once you have decided when to start planting the next step would be to ensure that the soil is free from weeds and any unwanted materials. Before planting make sure to remove dead or diseased roots to ensure healthy growth of plants. To get more information about planting check out this interesting article

The Next Part deals with Landscaping Color Theory which will give you an idea of the colors you should aim for while selecting plants.

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