Steam Generators

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Steam generators in Wilson NCSteam Generators

Steam generators in Wilson NC are the perfect solution if you want to build your own steam shower. Sometimes the size and shape of your bathroom, requires a personalized design that a ready-made unit just isn’t designed to fit.

When choosing which size of steam generator to purchase, it is important to calculate the dimensions of your steam room. We help you calculate your needs by asking what the length, width and height of the space is. Once we know the cubic capacity of the space, we can help you select a size that meets the need perfectly.

It is our goal to make sure that your steam shower meets your every expectation. If the steam unit is too small, it won’t generate enough steam to keep the room warm. If the steam unit is too large, it just wastes electricity.

We only offer two brands of steam generators—ThermaSol and Mr. Steam. These are the two brands that have served our customers the most dependably.

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