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Solar Garden Lights Guide

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Using a solar garden light instead of an electric garden light is going to provide you with many advantages. Some people are resistant to try solar lighting because in the past it was not very good quality. Today, however, through advancements in technology, solar garden lighting fitted with the best led grow lights is far better when compared to electric lighting. So, there is no fear about giving solar garden lights in Wilson a try. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of switching to solar energy in your home, click to read more.

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One of the biggest benefits of solar lighting today is sensors. Most outdoor solar garden lights on the market today have sensors to detect the dusk and the dawn. The sensors turn the lights off during the daytime and turn on automatically in the night. Solar Lights once installed are self efficient. Even in the midst of a power outage the lights will continue to work.

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Another benefit of solar power garden lights is the security they provide. By illuminating your property it will not only look better but deter criminal activity. Low lit areas have proven time and again to be hotspots for criminals to conceal themselves from sight. Foundation plantings, shrubs, and densely wooded areas of your yard are frequent hiding spots for would-be burglars. Crime statistics show that if burglars are at risk of being seen in a bright light, they are not likely to hide anywhere in the area.

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Installation would be best if you contacted a solar installer, however if you do have enough experience you could do it yourself so you can hurry up and not have any more high electrical bills with lights burning all night. A normally wired light fixture would need an electrician to come set it up, run the wires and then ground them properly. With solar lighting, all that is required to set it up is to place the light fixtures where you need them. These will be either mounted on a pole or wall or they could be simply staked into the ground.

LED Technology

Depending on the model some solar lights are just as bright as conventional lights. Another thing to consider is that led grow lights last longer than conventional lights because there is no filament in them and they do not waste energy by giving off heat. Most of these lights have multiple LED’s and have a reflector inside to give off maximum light that is distributed evenly. LED solar lights are powerful enough to provide great lighting for your garden.

Shopping for Solar Garden Lights

Shopping for Solar Garden Lights

In one way or another, we all want to save some money. Why not start with the solar garden lights? They will save money on the energy consumption, are environmentally friendly, and will not require expensive installation or a technician to work on maintenance fees. My garden looks beautiful now my outdoor festoon lights arrived from when I started redecorating my house, check out your url for more options. There are a wide variety of solar lights to choose from depending on what you are looking for. Blinking Sun is your one stop shop for all solar garden lighting. They are premier suppliers of Solar Lighting, Garden Lights and Solar Garden Water Features throughout the Wilson NC. All their products have been sourced from top suppliers and provide beautiful lighting and calming water features that are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Order solar garden lights on line for immediate delivery at BlinkingSun.

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