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Roses in the garden design

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Roses in the garden design

Roses will adorn every garden. In the article below you can find several options of how to organize the flowerbeds in the garden. Also we advise to look in our photo gallery, where you’ll find even more ideas for your garden.

There are no strict rules for the organization of the garden design with roses. It all depends on the taste, imagination, sense of style and harmony of the garden owner. However, we decide to make some recommendations.

garden design with roses

1. It is not necessary to combine in one garden are many different varieties of plants.

This will lead not to the harmony of the garden, but in a motley chaos. In addition, psychologists say that riot of color can give a sense of disharmony and concern.

2. A great option would be to plant a few flowers (at least three) of the same grade together.

Location roses in the garden design raises questions, too. Typically, the owners are trying to place the roses as close as possible to the house, but there are some nuances.

1. A small rose garden on the porch is perfect

In this case, you need to think about the combination of colors of flowers and the color of wall. It is necessary that colors are combined with each other. For example, near the light wall light can be planted roses bright colors, and for dark walls is better to plant light flowers. You should not choose roses that match the color with a touch of the wall. In this case, you get a one-color stain, which does not decorate anyone’s garden.

small rose garden

2. It is not necessary to plant too close to home.

This will complicate care of flowers, also can damage the wall of the house. This problem is easily solved. You should keep the trail between the flowerbed and the house wall or you can put some decorative element there between.

3. Rose needs a contrasting background

If you do not plant roses near the wall, then you should think about the background of the flowers. Evergreens are ideal for this.

4. It is not necessary to combine the lawn and roses.

Flowers can be placed along the edges of the lawn. If flowers are located in the middle of the lawn, it is make some difficulty to care for flowers and also for the lawn. Grass and flowers require different care.

decorating your garden with roses

It’s not all ideas that we can offer you about decorating your garden with roses. The rest of the ideas from our staff you can find in other articles.

rose landscape design

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