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Repairing your Garden Hose

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With the old familiar variety of garden hoses as well as black Poly irrigation systems, there are two major problems that occur along the length of the hose or pipe, one is cracking and/or splitting of the hose/pipe and the second problem is the familiar kinking of the hose/pipe. So what can you do about it besides going out and buying a new hose or roll of poly’ pipe? Well there is at least one repair method that should help with either problem. Without the cost and problems of putting expensive joiners into your watering system. For the best pipe relining specialist see it here.

 Repairing your Garden Hose

What do you do once your garden hose or irrigation pipe has developed a crack or split after your son has mowed over it or you’ve managed to drive over it once too often? With either type of system, you could cut out the section of the damaged hose or pipe and put in a joiner, but sometimes this is impractical or impossible. Then why not look at emergency plumbers to repair it instead of replacing it? Use the same method as you would for a kinked hose. Which is listed below.

Once a garden hose or irrigation pipe has jack-knifed back on itself at a particular spot, it will continue to do so for the life of the hose/pipe. This is because it has become weakened at that point. Again you have the option to cut out the weakened area and join the remaining parts of the hose. You can read more here to find out how you might want to go about the process. Or you will have to look at repairing the weakened area to stop it kinking in future, you can do this by bracing the weakened area/s by the following method . . . Or you could simply call the best plumber in Ryde and leave all these pipe issues to them.

You will be needing:

An excess section of garden hose or irrigation pipe

A Sharp knife or blade

Container of hot water

Measure and cut off a small section of hose/pipe, approximately three inches long, or as long as is needed to cover over the weakened or broken area. Cut this section down its length on one side only. Soften the hose or pipe section in hot water. Open it up and wrap this like a bandage around the weakened section of hose and then attach a Layflat Hose Coupler to it for a better flow of water.

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