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Raised Garden Beds Designs You Can Finish in Less than a Day

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There are some reasons why raised garden beds make a great solution when you’re growing vegetables. In general, raised garden beds designs make it easier to keep the plants free of grass. Plus, elevated soil also warms earlier during spring and drains quickly after the rain. Compared to ground-level beds, the soil won’t be compacted since nobody steps on the growing area. In short, raised beds offer an easier access for all steps required from planting to harvesting.

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Easy Raised Garden Beds Ideas

Luckily, making raised garden beds don’t have to be a difficult work. There are some raised beds you can even finish in less than a day. They are made from a variety of materials and can always be easily adjusted in terms of size to suit your needs. Even so, you may need to remember that a raised bed wider than 4 feet tends to be more complicated to maintain. Fill the beds with a mixture of about one part compost and two parts soil.

Raised Garden Beds Ideas

The examples of easy raised beds include the ones made by “wattling” the shrub or tree branches through the vertical rebars set into the ground. Straight logs can also be a great choice of material. You can also make your own raised garden bedsusing concrete blocks, a mix of planks and rebar, or even sandbags.

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