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Park of Roses Wedding

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Hi! My name is Mary and I recently got married. My wedding was like a fairy tale! But, let’s start from the beginning.

I looked different Disney cartoons in my childhood. I admired of princesses and princes, their luxurious wedding, many guests and flowers. I also liked the ending of cartoons, where the newlyweds rode in a carriage to their honeymoon trip. It seemed a distant dream to me. But who knew that in 15 years the fairy tale will be in my life.

A year ago, my husband and I started thinking about the wedding. I immediately started looking catalogs, shopping for dress selection. But if the dress was more or less clear, because I knew exactly what I want. But the choice of the place was a problem. I didn’t know any place where people celebrate the wedding. I didn’t know any parks for wedding, any beaches for wedding or anything else.

park wedding in Wilson

There were a variety of ideas, up to rent a house in some European city.

But in one day my friend tald me about one fabulous wedding where he were guest. There were the roses around the space, and in the air was the aroma of roses. I was immediately interested in this opportunity, and I started looking for this magical park of roses wedding.

It turned out that this is a rose garden in the botanical garden of Wilson. It was also not far from my place of residence. I looked through schedule,and the next day I drove there. This place is really magic. It was my childhood dream, and I decided to implement it. My husband trusted me fully in matters of organization. However, he liked this place, too.

Park of Roses for wedding

In the day of my Wedding I woke up at dawn and immediately began to worry. I only remember disputes and rush. And then, in other moment, I was on the path in the garden and go to my future husband. Green lawn, roses, trees gave a special charm to the ceremony in that park wedding in Wilson.

I heartily recommend at least look at this garden. Confident that no one can remain indifferent.

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