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Retro Sofa DesignsRetro Sofa Designs

Retro is not only about having an old style sofa or old sofa bed. It’s about creating retro charm in your home. To do that, you don’t have to buy pricy antique furniture. To give your home a retro look, borrow some old furniture from your grandmother, such as an old leather sofa or old wooden sofa, and make it the centerpiece of your interior. For instance, to create a retro-style kitchen, use a samovar.

Retro Sofa North Carolina

The shape is what’s critical in retro furniture, while the color and texture are of minor importance.

So, what does retro furniture look like?

  • Bud-shaped furniture is considered the most popular type of retro furniture;
  • Hand-shaped furniture is also associated with this style;
  • Have you ever seen a lip-shaped sofa? This is also very typical of retro style;
  • Your parents’ restored furniture would also look great in your retro-style interior;
  • Furniture patterns, stenciled or hand-drawn, are also very common in retro style. Pattern designs vary from simple flowers to ornamental patterns and imitation of children’s drawings (people, horses, dogs, cats, etc.);
  • Bulky dressers and chairs, as well as wide sofas with graphic pillows, used to be very popular back in the 60s.

Retro Sofa in wilson North Carolina

Almost any furniture can be adjusted to this style, except for glass, steel and high-tech pieces.

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