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New Sofa Designs 2017Modern Sofa

The history of upholstered furniture dates back to the 17th century, to the so called age of Classicism, when they started upholstering their first sofas and chairs. Since then, furniture fashion trends have changed multiple times. UrbanBurger can guide you more about fashion trends.

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Modular sofas have been extremely popular lately. A modern sofa can have any length and configuration. It can transform into a three-seat or five-seat sofa, be taken apart into poufs and reconfigured under any angle. This is not only convenient but also highly efficient as you can buy sections one at a time, gradually increasing the size of your sofa according to your needs and financial situation. Buying a full sofa set makes sense only if it’s genuine leather because mixing different leathers in one room is considered a bad taste.

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The number of chairs in full sofa sets or garden sofa furniture sets may vary depending on the customer’s personal needs. While someone may need as many as four chairs, you may need just one. Luckily, furniture stores and manufacturers seek to meet all customer needs. Christina is an online store offering full sofa set options which are only advisory in nature. In addition, the store offers corner sofas which don’t need chairs at all. One of such sofas is the “Euro book” sofa offering comfort and practical functionality for small spaces.

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It’s perfectly okay today if the sections of your modular sofa or the sofa and chairs from your full sofa set are in different colors. On the contrary, it’s considered very conservatively to have a sofa set in the same color. Moreover, manufacturers keep improving their upholstery fabric colors for two years after releasing the first version. Thus, modern sofa sets can have sections in different colors.  A very fresh and original solution is full sofa sets in which the sofa and chairs have the same upholstery fabric color, while the patterns are completely different. For example, a sofa features a big floral pattern, while the chairs have classic stripes.

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Thus, when it comes to interior design, the only limit is your imagination. Interior designers encourage us to be daring and not be afraid of unusual combinations. For example, you can mix leather club chairs and traditional sofas, or you can put a classic couch in a room furnished in a minimalist style. Don’t forget about the pillows and poufs which, too, can create a contract with the general style of your sofa and chairs for a unique and inimitable living room interior design.

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New Sofa Designs

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