My Front Yard Renovation Project

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My Front Yard Renovation Project Part 1 : Introduction


A few months ago, I moved to new rent house not far from my previous place. Professional moving services provided by Removals Adelaide helped a lot with my move. It’s a small house with 2 rooms and 1 bathroom that was in need of Shower Repair Seattle. I did some renovation on the room interior like the wall, floor, and some new WA Ceiling Fixers in Perth. Everything looks good right now, not really good actually but better than before in addition to a lower net effective rent.

I finished on the interior stuff and there is one another thing that should be renovated, and it’s the front yard. This house doesn’t have a backyard but it has a small front yard and sideyard that I think have big potential to make it better. If you’re looking to carry out any home improvement work we’re sure you’d like to know some more information from Cost Shed and get an idea of prices too. There are lot of sites like AquaLib that can guide you for home improvement guidelines.

I have plenty in my mind what I want to do, in order to make this frontyard and sideyard looks beautiful and full of nature things. I will try to write down what I did to this yard, and of course, I will take some of pictures too. Before my yard renovation I wanted to make sure that my basement was done. This allowed me to store all my gardening essentials in a safe place. I wanted CNY renovation services for my basement remodeling in Syracuse NY as they are the best. After, their insights into the project, I decided to make this ‘Yard Renovation Project’ to be series. Please keep coming to see the update of this project.

That’s all for now, see you on part 2.

My Front Yard Renovation Project Part 2 : Concept & Plan


I just back from a quick escape, visiting few of beautiful nature places which inspired me a lot. And today, I wanted to continue my Front Yard Renovation Project documentation.

I have few ideas in my head that I want to implement on my front yard, and here what I want to do :

1. Rack that can contain a lot of plants

I do really love this concept, a rack made using wood or bamboo that can hang a lot of pots or plants. It’s like having a botanical garden in my front yard. I’m planning to plant some cactus, flowers and some of the green plant.

2. Green Grass

Green grass can make my eyes feels so fresh that’s why I love to see something green like rice field. I don’t really know how to make it come true on this small front yard, but let’s just see it what going to happen. Maybe I will just put some small pots around with plants that shaped like paddy. I have seen a plant like a paddy before, but I don’t know what exactly the name of this plant. I hope I can find it somewhere.

That’s for now, see you soon on the next article.

I’m 28 years old guy who loves natures and technology. I spent a lot of my time on the computer, tried to create something big in my life whatever it is. I have a ‘big dreams’ to create few use full sites that could help some people in this beautiful world.

Well, that’s all for now, not pretty much but I think it’s good for the kickstart. Maybe I’ll update this ‘hello world’ post someday. See you again and get inspired!

You can call me ‘Ma1’, that is my nickname.

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