Making DIY Wooden Signs As Gifts

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Rather than buying Christmas gifts this year, I have decided to make some. I have found some great ideas of things I can make, but I think everyone I plan on giving gifts to would like something to decorate their home with. After looking around online, I decided that I wanted to make DIY wooden signs for everyone taking advantage of my local timber yard discounts.

Home Sweet Home message wooden heart from recycled old palette on turquoise painted background copy spaceThese wooden signs sounded like a great idea because they will be inexpensive to make and I can make custom ones for everyone. I want to make them all look different and something that the person I am giving them to will like.

I have found several ideas of what I can put on these signs and also sayings that people in my family will love. Before I make any of them as gifts or a thrift haul, I want to get the supplies and see how a few of them that I make turn out.

I am going to go to the craft store tomorrow while I am off of work. Then I can experiment and see what I can create and how they turn out. I have been looking around for more ideas of how to make these DIY wooden signs. I have added a few more supplies to my list because I have seen several that I love.

I have found rustic and primitive signs I can make that I know my mom will love. I am going to try to make her one with a star on it because she loves that and it will match the decor in her home. I am also going to make one of these for my sister with a special saying I found for her. She also loves the primitive look. The saying I found for her sign is also on other decorations around her home and I know she will love it.

For my dad and my brother I am going to make them signs that have their favorite football teams on them. I am going to try to paint the emblem of the team on the signs. I have seen stencils for the teams they like and hopefully when I go to the craft store they have them in stock. This will make these easier to paint rather than doing them freehand.

I think I will be able to do a great job on all of these signs and my family will love them. I have read several things online that says DIY wooden signs are one of the easiest things to make. I hope I have the same experience. If I’m lucky, the ones I do first will turn out nice and I will be able to give them as gifts. That will give me more supplies so I can make gifts for others, like my friends and co-workers. This is a gift that everyone will love. I can’t wait to try these signs out to see how they look when I’m finished with them.

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