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Japanese Design SofaJapanese Style in Interior Design

Japanese culture is gaining popularity worldwide. Why not add some Japanese style to your interior? The key word here is “some”. Why “some”? It’s rather difficult to create a Japanese-style home if you live outside Japan, because Japanese style is an entire philosophy.

For example, Japanese homes have no walls, and Europeans will hardly feel comfortable living in such homes. Home Styling in Japan is inspired by its culture, and thus it is exquisite.

Minimalism is inherent in Japanese style.  Japanese interiors have no sophisticated shapes or bright colors, while each element has its special meaning. Japanese style is distinguished with simple shapes, plenty of “air”, and calm, soft shades.

Soft, warm, light and pastel colors prevail in the furniture, walls, ceilings and floors of Japanese homes. The most popular color combinations are white, beige and its tints, such as milky, cream with black specks, and dark brown.

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Oblong horizontal elements and squares are very common in Japanese interior design. Japanese people use little furniture which is mostly made from natural materials, including wood, willow and bamboo.

A typical Japanese room has a low Japanese-style sofa – it can be a Japanese leather sofa or Japanese wooden sofa – table and some pillows.  Make sure everything is functional and space-saving – an expanding Japanese-style table, folding Japanese design sofa, and a mid-sized niche dresser to store pillows and other things that you don’t use that often.

Japanese Design Sofa 2017

Put some thick floor mats on the floor. Add a glass vase with a few bamboo sticks or orchid to your Japanese-style interior. If you want, decorate the walls with hieroglyphs, paintings and murals depicting the scenes from the paintings of such Japanese artists as Katsushika Hokusai, Ohara Koson, Kano Eitoku, and Kano Sanraku. You can attach long horizontal shelves to the walls and put a couple of Japanese figurines, some books and DVDs there.

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Lamps made from thin rice paper are used for lighting, filling the room with natural, scattered, soft and warm light and giving it a cozy feel.

Also, to add some Japanese style to your interior, install Japanese sliding doors matching the wall décor.

To create a Japanese interior, the following interior design tips need to be observed: minimum objects and furniture, and a lot of air, light and contrast.

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