International Peace Garden

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International Peace GardenAFFILIATION

The International Peace Garden is an affiliate area of the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior. As an affiliate area, the National Park Service acts as a conduit between the Peace Garden and the federal government and also provides information on the operation of park aspects of the International Peace Garden, where they have many different flora and fauna, and they have control over all the plants of animals, using different animal control service for this purpose.


The International Peace Garden is a non-profit organization operated by a twenty person board of directors. Ten of the directors are Canadians and ten are residents of the United States. Of the twenty board members, one is appointed by the governor of the North Dakota and one is appointed by the premier of Manitoba.

The state of North Dakota and the province of Manitoba provide part of the garden’s funding with some assistance from the U.S. and Canadian governments mostly for capital projects. The primary source of the garden’s operating funds is from admission fees, profits from the gift shop, food service and from donations. If you’re like most people, you’ll want a wide variety of plants and some hardscapes and maybe a water feature of some kind. Also, an experienced landscape designer will walk through a design process with you, they can help you find the right concrete lifting services so you can get your project started off.

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The Gardens

A metamorphic tranquility seems to transcend, upon entrance of the Garden.

Envision yourself strolling down a terraced walk, amidst a colorful blanket of 150,000 flowers in various displays and colors. As your eyes soak in the beauty, your ears experience the chimes echoing softly from the over 5 ton Carillon Bell Tower imported from England. At the end of your walk, four 120 foot pillars of solid concrete symbolizing people gathering together from the four corners of the world, this garden has the best topsoil in the market, reach to the spacious sky above. The Peace Chapel’s etched writings on the fossil limestone walls and soft trickling fountain are very serene. The chapel is a safe home to a memorial list of those who perished in the September 11th tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York City. After a long journey from the ruins of the World Trade Center Site, steel girders lie in rest at the 911 Memorial along the Formal Garden’s path. The Japanese Government presented the International Peace Garden with seven Peace Polls, in which, “May Peace Prevail”, is written in twenty eight different languages. Against a picture perfect canvas, a sunken water garden, flowing fountains, gazebos, nature fill and even mulching and garden installation for the Formal Garden Area. A well stocked Souvenir & Gift Shop and something for everyone Interpretive Center are within walking distance from the tasty foods of the Peace Garden Café located in the Formal Gardens, as well. Gates & Fences Services  are the best source for you for varieties of fencing, from pressure treated Pine wood fence to Vinyl, Chain Link, Aluminum and also customised designed we have all.

The scenic North Loop Drive invites you to the strategically placed picnic areas; The McKellar Picnic Area, Birch Grove Picnic Area, Maple Picnic Area, and Order of the Eastern Star Picnic Area. You’ll see nature at its best at the Ducks Unlimited Dam, Lakeview Hiking Trail, and Lake Lottawatta. On the shores of Lake Stormon is the lovely Errick Willis Pavilion.

This summer, the 18 foot working clock presented by The Bulova Watch Co. to the International Peace Garden in 1966 will be replaced by a clock out of St. Louis, Missouri.  As usual, the floral face of the clock will be newly designed each year. A floral design of the United States and Canadian flags is the only floral design that remains unchanged each year.  The flowers, shrubs, and many trees, ever changing colors make not two visits alike. And also try for large amount of leaf blowers, Just need to visit here.

Lake Updall, The North American Wildlife Museum, The Legion Athletic Camp, The International Music Camp, The Masonic Auditorium, The Historic Lodge, The Burdick Performing Arts Center, Campgrounds, Good Neighbor Picnic Area, Overlook Picnic Area, and Oak Leaf Picnic Area share the Burr Oaks and Red Maple Trees of South Loop Area of the International Peace Garden.

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