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I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late for a Blooming Date

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I’m hanging my head in shame because I promised to put up Corylopsis pauciflora for the 15th of the month Bloggers’ Bloom Day. I blame end of the quarter and finals week at school for my not following through.

Corylopsis pauciflora

Are you tired of the same old excuses? Some don’t sound right anymore: “my dog ate my computer” would seem the natural evolution of the old standby excuse, but not too feasible. I’m sure someone’s dog, somewhere in the world ate a computer and wound up with bad indigestion and lead poisoning, but that seems highly unlikely or a very rare event.

Here are my late arrivals that were photographed on that day.  Next month, I will be on time or my excuses will be far more creative. Ah, but you don’t care about my excuses, you just want the plants!

corylopsis pauciflora for sale

Corylopsis pauciflora (pronounced: kor-ah-LOP-sis  pa-sih-FLOOR-ah) is a sweet little shrub that loads its branches up in late winter with cheery, light yellow blossoms. Although it’s called winter hazel, unlike its cousins the witch hazels and the winter sweets, there is no scent. This shrub will do well in a small space, growing up to about five feet tall. You can’t say that about forsythia which needs a lot of space to look its finest doing its best fountain impression.

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