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How to care for roses

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How to care for roses

Rose is no accident received the title of queen of flowers. This flower has worshiped in ancient times. Also rose is symbol of love and passion. To your pleased with roses forand the color is beautiful, with the colors you need to take care of properly.

How to care for roses? It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. If you observe a number of rules, the garden will bloom and smell and you will feel as if you’re a wonderful florist. In the care of the roses are three important stages:

– Pruning;

– Feeding (fertilizing);

– Watering.

Cut the rose bushes in the spring, two weeks after the insulation is removed. Crop, when the kidneys are already swollen, but leaves have not yet appeared. Cut the dry and weak shoots that will hinder the growth of the bush.

how to take care of roses

Different types of roses have their own peculiarities of care:

– Miniature roses are not only cut old shoots, but also shorten the half-young and healthy shoots

– In climbing roses must leave only six of the strongest shoots

– In stam roses are cut all the shoots

– Ground cover rose varieties only trimmed to create a beautiful bush

If the roses were planted in the spring, they should be cut off immediately. If the roses were planted in the fall, they are cut next spring.
If the shrub roses bloom again, then faded inflorescences must be removed and trimmed escape for two leaf below the flower. These actions will help the roses bloom again.

how to care for roses in spring

For fertilizer can be expanded under the bushes compost or manure. Such feeding is carried out every 2-3 years.

The ground around the bushes to be constantly moist. Parched earth will destroy the plant. You can use drip irrigation, if the ground allows. Manually roses watered infrequently. They need about 20 liters per square meter of land around the bush. The leaves of the bush is better not to water. The hot sun can damage the leaves, and this may lead to the death of the shoot.

Still, it is useful to know how to care for roses in the period of the disease or for the prevention of disease. One of the most unpleasant diseases to plants – powdery mildew. Simply do a permanent prevention than cure. For prevention must be sprayed on the leaves of soda solution and water (0.4:1). This should be done in the spring and early summer.

how to care for roses from florist

You can also cope with aphids. You can use a solution of baking soda, soap and wormwood. If the method does not work, then you need to use poison.

Spots on leaves and cracks in the stems talking about plant diseases. The affected branches should be removed.

You should takes care of every sort of rose and don’t forget about their differences. Also, in every season care of the roses should be different. These differences are necessary to consider in order to get a beautiful rose garden.

To sum up the theme how to take care of roses can be identified as follows:

– Cut ends of spring plant, fertilize and carry out disease prevention

– In the summer of regular watering and fertilize the plant and soil

– In autumn, prepare the plant for winter

We hope that the questions about how to take care of roses you no longer have. By following these simple rules, you grow a superb garden. Working with flowers is just such a joy. So, if you’d like to do that, then have a look at these wonderful floristry courses in London as they are top quality and the best way to learn floristry by a long way.

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