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Garden Ponds: 6 Best Designs for Limited Garden Space

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Garden ponds are one of the decorations that you need to have in the garden. This is because the garden and pond is a perfect unit in a backyard design. No need to worry about the limited space because there are many garden ponds ideas that are appropriate for small backyard. Do not forget also, the ponds to have an attractive design that will attract people to visit. You can get more ideas to style your backyard from davidthompson200.

garden ponds

Garden Ponds Designs for Your Small Garden

Oval pond with flat steps around could be an option as compared to common square design. Decorate it with lotus flowers. It is simple but very appealing in the small garden. Garden ponds with water wall are the best solution to be applied in the small garden. Why? It is because it does not need much space to build the pond. You just need to put a kind of bamboo then make many small holes to flow down the water. Well ecdel can guide you more about this. Tie the bamboo on two wooden or stone poles.

Garden Ponds Designs for Your Small Garden

Backyard pond that utilizes a hot tub as the media is the result of creative ideas. It is unique and you can do it yourself. 2 tier raised pond is the next design with water flow. If you want a smaller size, whiskey barrel is the solution. You can make another DIY pond with the barrel. It is compact for your small garden. Natural stone pavers come as the last design. It is suitable to be built in mid size so you can put some fishes in garden ponds.

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