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Easier and fastest way to cook the rice with microwave rice cooker

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Rice is a traditional food. It is prepared in each and every house almost every day. Gone are the days when rice was cooked to big utensils it used to take a long time, and also you needed to keep an eye on it continuously. There was also fear of overcooking or burning of rice. Nowadays in the mad rush of life, people have less time. They cannot spend entire time cooking.
You have now a solution to that; that is micro oven rice cooker. It has just a few quick and simple steps to prepare rice in a very short period.
•    The first step is to marinate the rice before cooking. Whether it is simply white rice or brown rice. The advantage of marinating the rice before cooking is that it improves the taste of the rice.  You can start by putting the desired amount of rice in a bowl and adding water to it. Clean the rice once and drain away the water. Add fresh water to the rice.  Leave it to marinate for about half an hour.
•    The next step is to add the water in the double amount of rice. That means four cups of water from two cups of rice.  There is also measuring cups available with the micro oven rice cooker. So, you can easily measure the rice and water both in the cup.
•    For making the rice tastier, you can add oil, salt, and butter putting the bowl in the oven. After that, you can mix the ingredient with a spoon.
•    Stir with the spoon slowly and steadily. It will help the ingredient.
•    Now finally, you can place the bowl in the micro oven and cover the bowl. You can set the time according to the amount of rice in a 700-watt micro oven.
# for half cup rice, 9 minutes.
# for one cup, 16 minutes
# for one and a half cup, 23 minutes.

Here are tips on how to cook brown rice in micro oven-

•    Here you have to add three cups of water for per cup of brown rice.

•    The brown rice takes 25 minutes to get cooked in the oven.microwave-rice-cooker

•    You should not quickly open the door of the micro oven after the rice is cooked and time set is over. Allow the rice to set for about five minutes before opening the door. The steam inside will help in completing the cleaning process.

•    Now you can turn the rice upside down and serve it.

So, this is the tip on how to cook the rice in micro oven rice cooker is cooked nicely and quickly. It provides you healthy rice and apart from that wastes no time. To purchase the best rice cooker we are highly recommended to check which selling high quality rice cooker and other kitchen appliance, so you can pick the best one.The rice is cooked evenly without being burnt or overcooked in few minutes. The taste of the rice remains there. So, micro oven rice cooker is the best way to the healthy meal in an easy way.

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