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Diy Table Lamp and What You Need to Make It

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Diy Table LampIf you do not have time to look from different places to get the perfect piece or the money to spend on the ready-made fixture, you should try out to make your own diy table lamp using a garden pot or you can use vases which you can find easily at an Online Antique Appraisal shop. A beautiful table lamp will always add a good finishing touch in any room. With the right ambient light, texture, color and shape, you are going to have the right layer for the look of your room.

diy table lamp ideas

To make you own table lamp, you need to have inexpensive lamp kit and few supplies from the local home improvement. You should not worry if you do not have the right skills in the wiring, because you can always call an electrician dublin to help you out. You can also find a kit with the directions that are easy to follow and the project needs only some few steps.

how to make a table lamp at home

The supplies you need to make a diy table lamp are a pot or a vase. You can use a moss covered, terra cotta pot and faux bois vases and these that are white and tall they are the most preferred. A lamp kit has a precut pipe with an inch taller compared to the pot with a wired socket. You can find a putty trowel in a local store with a lampshade. You can take the pot to the lamp shop so that you may find the right match. A width of the lamp base does not have to exceed the height.

diy table lamp kit

To assemble the lamp kit, you need to put together all the parts such as harp, fiber disc, washer, hex nuts, wired sockets and threaded pipe. In case the threaded pipe was not cut before, you should cut at least an inch long of the pot. You will need to use the plaster to put the socket inside and remember to measure the center so that you can fix the socket there.

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