DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

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If you love home decorating and the down home country charm of old-fashioned living, you can incorporate galley-k decor ideas into your home. By working on projects yourself rather than just purchasing ready-made items, you can have a lot of fun while exploring your decorating skills.

You can start with one room of your home and then work on others as you have the time and money. The kitchen is quite popular for hanging out, so many choose to begin there. Utilize old glassware to create new storage containers for your cooking utensils. Paint and finish in your favorite colors and attach to a small serving table. It will look attractive sitting on your countertop while providing an important function.

DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

You can use old pieces of wood to create one of a kind racks in your kitchen to place your Japanese Knives set. Instead of a block, use a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood to display your knives or pots. You can buy beautiful piece of reclaimed wood knives online, you can search Benchmade knives for gift for best knives. What about your coffee mugs? Can you create a rustic display for them out of some old wood you have lying around?


You can use old pallets in a number of ways to create a country charm for your home. Find ones that are ready to be retired and give them a new life. Look online for tutorials that will teach you how to transform them into useful home items.

One great suggestion is to turn the pallet into a bookshelf. Some folks turn them into attractive display shelves while others make vertical gardens from them. If you have access to several of them, try out different ideas throughout your home. You will be surprised at how quickly you can achieve a whole new look with a few of these.

If you are going to use paints for your decorating ideas, you might consider purchasing extra. This way, you can get the same colors from the same lot. You certainly do not want to get halfway through a project only to realize the color has been discontinued and you do not have enough to finish.

Another way to use wood is through wooden rounds or slices. These circular pieces can be purchased from craft stores or you can find an old log to recycle. If you are using wood from your yard or otherwise not yet treated, make sure that it is ready for crafting by baking at low temperatures. This will release any moisture and kill any bugs residing in it.

Then, you can use the small rounds to create picture frames and other unique pieces of wall art. Use a premade design or come up with something as you go along.

Transforming your home into a rustic getaway does not have to cost a fortune. Keep an eye out when shopping at second-hand stores and recycle materials when possible. With a limited budget and creative imagination, the sky is the limit!

Invite others over and have fun decorating your home with these fantastic ideas. Then, keep working on the job until you are satisfied!

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