Ideas with roses

Cottage garden design with roses

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Cottage garden design with roses

Cottage garden design with roses

Rose – a beautiful flower and it like a lot of people. In our opinion, a rose should be in every garden. And this is not only because of the fact that it is incredibly beautiful, but also because it can be used in a variety of design solutions.

It is worth noting that the roses bloom for a long time. The duration of flowering longer than many plants. Roses can delight their flowering from early summer to mid-autumn. Roses are used for a variety of designs and you check out how they are used to design holiday homes. Some of the designs are hedges, vertical gardening, planting in pots, flower decoration.

Cottage garden design with roses can be amazing. We offer several options for how you can use roses to decorate your garden.

design in cottage garden

1. Creating hedges of roses.

Such hedges can be placed around the perimeter of the garden. This hedge is not only beautiful, but also play the role of the fence. It will be protected from noise and prying eyes. Roses for hedges should have sturdy stems and dense weaving to create a tight wall. For these purposes, you can use: rose wrinkled, dog rose, blue-gray, cinnamon and others. You can create a hedge with evergreens plants, and in the foreground you can plant roses. This tandem will look very good. You can also use this trick in design in cottage garden. Then when it comes to hedging you can’t beat great quality Laurel Hedging as it’s just amazing so do look into that if you need some great hedging.

Creating hedges of roses

2. Vertical gardening plot

You can decorate the arch and wall with climbing roses or build special supports for roses. These flower decorations will create a special romantic atmosphere of the garden. You can use arches to divide the garden into zones and decorate arches roses.

With such plants you must be careful. If the climate is warm and the cold weather does not happen, then the plant can not touch all year round. If the winter is cold, the plants must be removed from poles, if you want to save your flowers. Well you can check aboriginalbluemountains for more gardening tips.

Vertical gardening plot

3. A single plant planting

This method will make the accents in the garden. Such single landing must be coordinated with the total space of the garden.
For a small garden, you can use a single flower. You can use stam rose, groundcover rose and others.

If the garden is large enough, we propose to create groups of individual plants. Combine can be different: planting a few rose bush or a combination of single roses.

single roce plant planting

4. Mobile flowerbeds

The advantage of this decorative element of the garden is that it is always possible to move to another location. This way you can grow almost all varieties of roses. The exception is the climbing roses and large shraby rose. The disadvantage of this method is that the plant will need frequent watering and fertilizer. However, in this way it is easier to move roses in the winter, because the container can be brought into the house.

Mobile flowerbeds

Below you can see photos of our ideas for creating the cottage garden with roses.

ideas for creating the cottage garden with rosesideas cottage garden with roses

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