Rose Garden Contacts

Rose Garden ContactsThe rose garden is available for organized tours, public meetings, weddings, and parties. Contact Wilson Parks and Recreation Department, phone (252) 399-2261, or email to Stephenie Williams . for information and reservations. Or write to
Ms. Stephenie Williams
City of Wilson
Parks & Recreation
P.O. Box 10
Wilson, NC 27894-0010

To schedule a group guided tour of the garden,or for information about Wilson attractions, lodgings, restaurants, etc., contact Sandra Homes, (252) 243-8440, or email to Sandra Homes . Or go to our Links page and click on Wilson Tourism to view the web site.
For further information about the garden development or plans, please contact:

Dr. Rufus Swain
PO Box 10
WIlson, NC 27894
(252) 237-4997
Or send email to Dr. Swain