Charlotte’s small wedding venues

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Welcome to the official wedding site for the Beautiful City of Charlotte, NC. Find information on Charlotte’s small wedding venues, restaurants and more to help you plan your next Charlotte vacation. We go in search of a small wedding venues in Charlotte (North Carolina). However, Reverent Wedding Films pride themselves on quality and affordable wedding videography. Wedding is something that you always want to remember for your life long which can be achieved by appointing professional of weddings in myrtle beach sc.

Our aim: a small wedding for 30-50 people.

Where to spend: the city of Charlotte.

Budget: the minimum cost

We offer a list of the best places for a wedding in the beautiful city.Readers interested to know what small wedding venues in Charlotte, North Carolina popular with honeymooners. Wedding venues in wilson nc –

1. Alexander Homestead Weddings – small wedding venues charlotte nc, 4717 Shamrock Drive Charlotte, NC 28215, phone (704) 737-1023

400 + Events produced at the Alexander Homestead since 2012


$2500 – average savings from our preferred vendors

100% – passionate about amazing customer service

small wedding venues charlotte nc

2. BanquetOne Number 2: wedding locations charlotte nc, Address: 10616 Metromont Pkwy #100 Charlotte, NC 28269

Cheap price for a small wedding

$1299 rent for up to 5 Hours, on Fri, Sat and Sun
$899 rent for up to 5 Hours, on other days
$100 rent for each additional hour
$400 of the rent is due upfront for reservation

wedding locations charlotte nc BanquetOne

Price matters. To view the current prices at the small wedding in 2017, we offer in the table. So, choose the bcheap price for your budget.

3. Dennis Vineyards: A Place in The Vineyard, Starting from $4,408 to $9,257 for 50 guests

4. Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville, Starting from $12,943 to $16,441 for 50 guests

5. Carolina Country Weddings and Events LLC, Starting from $4,997 to $11,201 for 50 guests

6. Taylor Ranch, Starting from $6,852 to $12,982 for 50 guests

7. Piedmont Social House, Starting from $3,225 to $9,134 for 50 guests

8. Camp Living Water, Starting from $2,120 to $5,939 for 50 guests

9. The Loft at 14th, Cheap price $1,386 to $4,992 for 50 guests

10. Tot Hill Farm, Starting from $3,565 to $9,549 for 50 guests

11. Comfort Suites Biltmore Square Mall, Starting from $2,586 to $8,902 for 50 guests

12. Crowne Plaza Hickory, Starting from $1,523 to $6,669 for 50 guests

13. The Hut Wedding; Reception Hall, cheap wedding venues raleigh nc $1,710 to $6,684 for 50 guests

14. The Majestique Center, Starting wedding rom $2,110 to $4,150 for 50 guest


Country: United States, State: North Carolina, City Charlotte 297.7 sq mi, Population (2014) city 809,958 (17th)wedding venues in charlotte nc

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