Cactus Theme as One Famous Desert Landscaping Idea

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desert landscaping design ideasHave you ever imagined having Desert Landscaping in your back yard or front yard? Well, this is a unique design of making your home feel like in a desert where you can see hostile sand, untidy plants, and also rocks here and there. If you only have small area in your backyard, you can still make desert landscaping design as long as your home gets no more than ten inches of rain, so once you’re sure that you can start your project, contact professional landscaping contractors for assistance. Also, as long as your area which rarely falls below freezing temperature, you can make it happen. Here are some choices that you might be interested in.

Desert landscaping

Desert Landscaping Design: Cactus Theme

One famous design is Desert Landscaping using cactus theme. If you choose cactus to complete your desert landscaping plan, make sure to choose cacti which are unusual. They will give your garden more aesthetic appeal than cacti that are usual in shape. For example, you could choose prickly pears that are rounded with low growing, organ cacti which are tall with small leaves, or hog cacti that have hedge’s tube shaped.

The consideration is that you need to make sure that all cacti you choose have the sunlight requirement that is all same. It happens because some cacti do not have same sun requirements and they do not work well in direct sun. You need to give emphasize to your cactus theme Desert Landscaping garden with large rock.

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