Barnwood Craft Ideas

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My husband and I had an old barn on our property. We found someone that could tear it down for us. I wanted to keep the wood and the materials from it because I have heard of several people doing crafts and other things with it. I had seen some things that I wanted to try to make.

Storage box with Home letters and flowers in a pot on wooden background, home rustic decor, cottage livingI hadn’t seen everything there was to make with barn wood so I went to Google and searched for barn wood craft ideas. I found several things I hadn’t seen before and thought these ideas were pretty easy.

Barnwood Craft Ideas

I had also seen that some people did their walls in their home with barn wood. I really loved the way this looked and I had enough wood for it, however I didn’t want to do a big project like this. I just wanted to make a few things with what I had left.

After looking through the things I could make, I decided it would be the easiest to make signs. I wouldn’t need that many things to complete this project. I decided to get a few things from the craft store like some fabric and paint for the sign. I wanted to see how it turned out so I didn’t buy a whole lot of stuff. I am not very good with crafts and this is one of the first times I was making a sign.

I told my husband how large I needed a piece of the wood cut out and when I got home, he already had it done. I was ready to get started and had everything I needed. I found a really nice saying to paint on the sign and decided that’s what I would try to do first.

I made a few mistakes on the lettering and it didn’t turn out how I had expected it. That was okay with me because I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, especially with it being the first time I had every done it.

I tried again a little later and got it just right. It looked just the way I had pictured it in my mind. I decided I wanted to make barn wood crafts like signs as gifts for people. I found several different sayings I could paint on the signs and I had plenty of barn wood to make them.

So far, everything I have made has turned out really nice. I got kind of bored with the signs, and have been finding other barn-wood crafts to try since I have so much material. The few other things I did, really didn’t turn out that great, but I know that with practice I will be able to make them look better. I have also thought about selling some of these signs because they look pretty nice. I have enough to give as gifts and I may be able to get a little extra money for Christmas by selling these signs and other crafts I have been trying to make.

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