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sauna in wilson ncSaunas have been valued in Nordic countries for centuries for good reason. The dry heat of sauna temperatures of up to 180°F when contrasted with the “cold” roll in the snow made famous by the Finns has been proven to boost the immune system significantly.

You could say that the sauna offers the best of the steam bath, because it uses dry heat with an option to add moist heat and aroma therapy. Many asthmatics find relief from the dry heat of the sauna when steam heat is not helpful. And contrary to what you might expect, saunas do not dry out the skin, because the higher temperatures promote the production of a healthy sweat. Many patients with psoriasis find the sauna beneficial Athletes also find the sauna useful for improving their performance in endurance sports.

When you add cold treatments to the sauna experience, you reduce your level of stress hormones. You also improve the function of your hypothalamus so you handle cold better and get well faster.

Some steam bath units do offer dry heat as an option, but this isn’t a standard feature in most steam shower units. Click here if you would like a steam shower with a sauna mimicking dry heat option. The shower regrouting melbourne is s necessity in the bathroom after a while for maintenance.

Now, having your own sauna is as simple as purchasing one of our quality in-home sauna units from Wilson or North Carolina. These freestanding saunas are attractive as well as functional.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the right model for your home. Call today North Carolina.

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