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Window Herb Garden & Benefits

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Window Herb GardenYou can use the option of window herb garden if you love to eat herbs. Today people prefer to eat herb plants because they contain essential ingredients and minerals. It is reported that more than one hundred types of herbs are cooked as food in the world. It is a best decision to grow the herbs in the yard. Most of the gardeners or farmers apply toxic pesticides to herbs. Hence these herbs are no longer beneficial for consumers. In order get fresh and healthy herbs, it is recommended to select the choice of window herb garden. Many people get Westral window shutters to give the herbs shade on days that are really sunny. The most popular herbs used as food in the world are following.

Window Herb Garden North Carolina


This herb is used for meat and vegetables. It spreads to a large area because it is a perennial plant. The height of this herb is around one foot. It is widely used in France. It has healthier ingredients and minerals for human body.


This herb is cooked as favorite food product in Italy. The tangy flavor of this food always attracts the attention of people. It is possible to use this herb with soup, dressings, sauces and salads. The growth duration of this herb is one year. It has a good taste and flavor.

herb planter windowsill


You can also select this herb for window herb garden. This variety of herb is mostly selected by the planters. The good taste, aroma and flavor of this herb always attract the attention of people. It is also used in bread preparation. It also belongs to perennial category. It requires simple tillage practices for growth.

window herb garden planter


It is also economical to grow this herb in window herb garden. It is considered as oldest herb in the world. It has distinct features like it can relief headache and memory problems. It is used along with salad and vegetables.

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