Landscaping Yards

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Watering and mowing a lawn takes up a lot of time. So consider doing away with a lawn altogether as this will reduce the quantity of water spent and save you time as well. Xeriscaping is one wise alternative to water thirsty lawns.

Consider having automatic irrigation systems in your yard. You can either set it up yourself or have a professional do it. This is a very helpful aid to low maintenance landscaping.

Landscaping Yards
Use clover instead of grass. Cover seed is widely used over grass and it is more popular with the owners because of its many attractive qualities. Clover seed lawns are resistant to droughts, are far more economical, are environment friendly, and take less trouble to maintain. They are also insect resistant, destroy weeds and require less mowing, but don’t get me wrong, you’ll still need lawn mowing once in a while. An admirable substitute to grass.
Front yard landscaping ideas for small yards
If you want to do some low maintenance, water saving yet attractive landscaping of your sunny yard, consider using drought resistant perennials.

Rock gardens are also very popular as they support drought tolerant plants and you don’t have to water the rocks or look after them in any special way

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