Landscaping With Rocks

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Landscaping with rocks is using rocks cleverly as part of the landscape. This is a very novel approach as it gives a rustic and natural look to the landscape and makes it look realistic. There’s no artificiality about the landscape.

landscaping with rocks wilson garden

Landscaping using rock depends upon the kind of terrain you have. Some house owners have a naturally sloppy terrain and this makes the rocks look natural and true to life without any artificiality. However when natural slopes are not possible then a simple garden bed with a few rocks embedded in them will have to suffice. You can also consider hiring professionals from a lawn care service to help with landscaping.

landscaping with rocks wilson

Another factor to consider is space. If you are lucky to have a lot of space then you can end up making a large true to life sprawling rock garden with maybe even a waterfall or two. But if space is a constraint then you have to content yourself with a single small sized bed with a few rocks embedded within in a nook of your garden. Make sure that it is strategically placed so that it does not interfere with lawn mowing.
landscaping with rocks

A third factor to consider is color. Try as far as possible to get plants that contrast with the rocks you have used. For example if you used red sandstone, then try to use plants with a dash of red in them or with silver, yellow and white coloring.

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