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Landscaping Products in Wilson NC
Neptunes Seaweed

Neptunes Seaweed is an excellent organic supplement that contains more than 60 natural nutrients including amino acids. Easy to apply, this commercial fertilizer hugely enhances seed germination, root development, promotes healthy plant growth, hardiness and resistance to diseases and rough climate like extreme heat.

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Pro-Start 2-3-3

Pro Start WilsonPro-Start contains a blend of organic minerals like rock phosphate, oyster meal, greensand, dried whey, soda nitrate etc. and can be used to help plants withstand winter stress. In addition the use of pro-start can help in the healthy development of the root system especially for new and transplanted plants.

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Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal in Wilson NCCorn Gluten Meal is a granulated organic fertilizer that contains dried proteins extracted from corn while preparing starch. The product is rich in nitrogen and can be used to increase the nitrogen content of the soil.

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Pro-Tekt Silicon Solution

Pro-Tekt Silicon Solution in Wilson NCPro-Tekt Silicon Solution is made from concentrated potassium and silicon and can be used to significantly increase plant resistance to piercing insects. The solution helps plants to build stronger cell walls that act as a barrier again these insects. In addition the solution also helps improve photosynthesis and increase resistance to extreme climatic conditions.

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Phosphate Rock

Phosphate Rock wilson NCPhosphate Rock consists of phosphorous, calcium and other naturally occuring minerals. They contain significant amount of phosphorous and Using then in your landscape can help increase the phosphate fertility level of the soil to a huge extent. Phosphorus is an essential element for plant and animal nutrition.

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Garlic Barrier Insect Repellent

Garlic Barrier Insect Repellent wilson NCGarlic Barrier contains a concentrate of liquid garlic which acts as a insect repellent. The solution can be diluted in water and sprayed across the landscape to protect stems, leaves, flowers and fruits from mosquitoes, gants, deer flies and other pests.

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Liquid Copper

Liquid Copper wilson NCLiquid copper is an organic flowable fungicide that is made by a unique formulation of copper salts. Liquid copper is safely used to deal with fungal diseases of ornamental crops including vegetables and fruits.

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Neem Oil

Neem Oil in wilson NCNeem oil is an highly effective organic pesticide extracted from the seeds of the need tree. Neem oil can be watered in or applied as a foiler spray over plants and other vegetation. The oil can effectively control many insects, mites and fungi. It also acts as an ‘antifeedant’ preventing insects from feeding on the leaves.

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Bugs ‘R’ Done

Bugs R DoneBugs ‘R’ done is an indoor and outdoor, bug killer that is 100% organic. Made from pure orange peel oil this powerful drug has the capacity to kill ants, roaches, fleas and mosquitoes. This organic pesticide is safe to use around food, pets and children.

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