Landscaping ponds

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Can you imagine a cake without its icing? Well then you can see how hard it is to imagine a pond without plants. All ponds artificial or otherwise need to have plants. Plants serve many useful purposes. They fight algae, protect fish by hiding them from predators and just beautify the area so you have something delightful to come home to from a tiring day.

Landscaping ponds in Wilson NC

Here are some things you need to know when landscaping your pond with plants.

Don’t smother your pond with the plants. When you are planting them start with half the surface area and proceed to two thirds or three fourths when it is at its growing peak. When you overcrowd you stress out the plant and it simply gives a bad impression.Garden Ponds Designs

Don’t get confused when you come across terms like “hardy” and “tropical” Hardy plants are simply those that can with stand cold temperatures and frost. Tropical plants on the other grow well only in hot temperatures. They will easily turn to mulch if the temperature drops below freezing.

Pond plants fall under different categories. There are marginal pond plants for instance that grow around the edges or margins of a pond. They can be either hardy or tropical. Hardy marginals are cattail, plantain, and rush. Taro, spider lily, and water hibiscus fall under tropical marginals.

preformed garden ponds

There are also place marginals who have their pot tops one to six inches underwater.

Water lilies are also found water deep between 18 and 30 inches

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