Landscaping Bridges

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Landscaping bridges means using bridges in the landscape design to lend it beauty and charm and where needed be functional as well.

Before you even begin to think about adding bridges to the landscape, you should have fulfilled an important requirement. Your landscape must have water in it. Whether it is a gushing stream or a stationary pond, without water having a bridge is pointless.

Landscaping bridges

Bridges are referred to as garden accents. They accent the pond, stream, fountain or any other water body found within the garden. Landscape bridges appear most natural in landscapes that contain any form of water.

Landscape bridges can either be purely decorative or purely functional. If the water body is small then the bridge may merely be an ornamental decoration. But if the body of water is large enough then a bridge serves the useful purpose of connecting the two sides across the water.

Landscape bridges
What happens if there is no water in your landscape? Well you can always consider changing the landscape design to include water. Creating an artificial pond within the garden is really no big deal. It can be easily managed without investing a lot of time and money.

Landscape bridges are made of the materials bridges are usually constructed of namely wood, stone, brick, rope and metal. The bridges are scaled down in size to fit the garden

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