Landscape Architects: Designing a Career

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Landscaping architects

Landscaping architects are a specialized group of professionals who design the exterior features of residential areas, playgrounds, public parks, shopping centers, college campuses, golf courses, industrial parks, and similar areas. Such spaces are designed to be both functional and beautiful, incorporating the form of trees, flowers, gardens, and shrubs into the function of the given installation. Architect landscaping jobs involves the strategic planning of the location of such features as walkways, buildings, and roads within an attractive arrangement of plants and ornamental structures like gazebos or ponds.

Architectural Landscaping Careers

The Nature of Landscaping Work

Although it would be impossible to enumerate all the tasks a landscaping architect undertakes to complete a project, some of the tasks on which he works include:

  • Developing a site from conception to construction.Landscape architects work closely with engineers, surveyors, and fellow architects to determine the optimum arrangement of project elements and structures. They consult with foresters, environmentalists, and similar professionals to determine how the agreed upon installation is to be implemented to not only follow the concept but to compliment and enhance the existing environment and its natural resources.
  • Analyze the elements of the site.Landscaping architects are trained to understand how a particular work site will behave in terms of its climate, drainage, land slope, vegetation, and sunlight. Using these particulars, the architect constructs a site appropriate topography.
  • Prepare a design for the structure best serving their clients.With the site’s conditions and the client’s specifications at hand, landscaping architects construct a prototype of the structure’s landscape on paper, taking into consideration all applicable state and federal laws.
  • Finalize the design to make it ready for execution.After conferring with other professionals, the architect will modify the preliminary design as required and submit it for construction according to the specifications laid out in the site plans.
  • Supervise the site to ensure it complies with the design. When construction begins, the landscape architect is usually present at the work site to supervise the execution of the site plans and to make spot decisions about necessary adjustments.

Of course this overview does not take into consideration the literally thousands of details for which the landscape architect is responsible from the conception of the site to its completion and acceptance by the client.

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