How To Make Wooden Planter Boxes Waterproof?

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To make wooden planter boxes look more beautiful you must know how to make wooden planter boxes waterproof? The quality of the wood is that it can be turned into different shapes and sizes with reliable equipment from companies like Ryker Hardware. Depending upon the requirement, the wooden pieces are joined together to make a wooden planter box. The planter boxes are to be prepared with the wood that is pressure treated; most of the people wouldn’t know that the wood that is not pressure treated will certainly decrease the life of a box. If there is no pressure treated wood is available, you can still prepare a wooden plant box that lasts longer. When you are done with the planter box, make it sure that you left it untreated for several days. With the passage of time the moisture inside the wood will certainly vanish and then you can proceed to the next step.

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The joints are to be sealed properly in order to avoid any leakages. Silicon is mostly preferred to fill in the gaps between the joints. Don’t use silicon with bare hands because it can cause issues onto the skin. After applying silicon, you must have to wait for a while to make it sure that silicon applied is totally dried. Don’t forget to make holes at the bottom of the wooden planter because the holes are used to drain excess water from the planter.

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The most important thing is to apply varnish onto the outer layer; after varnish is completely cured for a day or two, you can then apply fine grit paper onto the varnished surface so that it can get a smoother look. Last but not the least you should use polyethylene inside the wooden box so that the moisture cannot enter the wood. You can then add potting soil to your planter box and it can use to plant anything.

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