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Give Dad a Break this Fathers Day

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Dad does a lot around the house to keep things looking their best and in working order and Fathers Day is a time we set aside to recognize his efforts and let him know he is appreciated.

While working in the yard and tackling other landscaping projects may be something many dads like to do, it is nice to get a break sometimes. Here are a few ways you can help dad out around the house this Father’s Day.

Give Dad

Weed the Lawn and Flowerbeds

Pulling weeds seems to be a never-ending battle and no one knows this more than the person responsible for maintaining the yard. As if the lawn weren’t enough, weeds are an annoyance that finds their way into every place possible.

Flowerbeds are another area where weeds love to pop up (and take over if left unattended). Not only are they unsightly, but they can end up damaging the plants, flowers and shrubs around them.

This is because weeds aggressively seek and steal the water and nutrients in the soil away from your desired plants. Some types of weeds actually attach themselves to the roots of other plants and damage them, ultimately killing them.

Weed the Lawn

A few ways to kill and prevent the re-occurrence of weeds include placing a liner in between the soil and any covering element such as mulch, etc. This will help to prevent weeds from being able to sprout up.

Manually pulling weeds up from the roots continues to be a tried and true method for getting rid of them. However, there are also a number of chemical sprays that can be used to eliminate them. Just be sure to choose one that is safe to use on grass and other plants so that you don’t end up killing everything in your attempt to kill a few weeds.

Don’t let weeds undo all the hard work that was put into planting and maintaining the flowerbeds up until this point. This holds especially true for homes with vegetable gardens. Weeds left unattended to can seriously hinder the results of your labor.

Mow the Lawn

Mow the Lawn

Thinking about getting dad a new lawnmower for Father’s Day? While he may definitely appreciate the gesture, only consider making the purchase if the current lawnmower is in dire need of replacing.

Mowing the lawn for dad is a situation where the gesture could mean much more than a shiny new product. This is a great way for teenagers to show their appreciation for dad while giving him a break from toiling away in the heat for hours will be a reward he will truly appreciate.

While these may seem like small tasks as opposed to larger, expensive gifts, you can rest assured that dad will appreciate the break from having to maintain the yard. Even if the break is only a temporary one.

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