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Kniphofia (ni-pof-ee-a) Nicknames: Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily, Tritoma, Club Lily Family: LILIACEAE Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, White Growing Conditions: Full Sun, cover roots completely The genus Kniphofia was named after Johannes Hieronymus Kniphof (1704-1763) a professor of medicine at Erfot University in Germany. So the correct pronunication would be ni-pof-ee-a. He was also interested in botany and wrote a 10 volume book called Botanica in Originale containing plant illustrations created by inking plants. This was the first instance of nature printing. Most species are evergreen and bloom summer through autumn. Two years ago I had one underneath a light that was on at night and it bloomed through Christmas. Red Hot Pokers multiply very quickly like a daylily. The foliage has a sharp edge so they are great to fill in an area where you want to stop dogs or kids from coming through or to protect other plants. They are related to Aloe but are hardy and can be planted year round. Cover the roots three inches deep and divide when they get crowded. Replant immediately. Once established, they will grow without any care. You can find clumps in gardens over 50 years old.