IXIA African Corn Lily

IXIA African Corn Lily bulds – Mixed Colors – 12/$5 50/$20 100/$35 Ships April 2017!
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Order now for Spring 2017 “Pronounced: ik – see – a
Family: Iridaceae
Native: South Africa
Exposure: Sun or Part Shade
Blooms: June
Planting: 3 in. deep in garden or container. Ixia mixed african corn lily bulds grow 1-2 feet tall with small colorful bell shaped flowers similar to Coral Bells. They are hardy to 10°F and the flowers last one month or more!
Please select option and quantity above. Order now for early to late spring delivery depending on your climate. ” Ixia (ik-see-a) Nicknames: African Corn Lily Family: IRIDACEAE Colors: White, pink, orange, yellow Blooms: Summer The name Ixia comes from the Greek word Ixia, or bird lime, and refers to the sticky sap exuded by the plant. There is a also a beach on the Island of Rhodes, Greece called Ixia on the Northwest near the city of Rhodes a world renowned Medieval Old Town. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, a large statue of a man was located on Rhodes and it was at one time one of the busiest ports in the world. Many bulbs including Ixia traveled through the city on their way around the world. Ixia are not as hardy as other South African bulbs and will probably come back for a few years but a hard winter will do them in. So lift them and leave them in a paper bag or container and store inside for the winter. Place them back outside in April/May, whenever it gets over 70 degrees for a week straight. Or leave them outside and risk it. For the price of a Starbuck’s coffee you get a beautiful show of flowers this summer. So what if they don’t come back the next year. Gardening is like throwing an annual party, sometimes guests don’t come back the next year. Don’t take it personally. Ixia mixed african corn lily bulbs blooms look like coral bells in that they have multiple little flowers on a stem But instead of blooming in the shade they love the sun and come in many different colors. They make excellent cut flowers with the blooms lasting up to a month. The bulbs are tiny shaped like a Hershey’s kiss. Plant tip up in late spring in a hot sunny spot three inches deep.