Haemanthus coccineus

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Pronounciation: Hey-man-thus or hee-man-thus
Nicknames:            Blood Lily, Paint Brush, April Fool, Catherine Wheel, Cape tulip
Family: Amaryllidaceae  Order:  Liliales
Color:  Red
Blooms:  Summer
Native:  Hillsides,South Africa

Haemanthus coccineus bulbs is not what it seems.  What looks like an upward-pointing peony is actually a cluster of up to 100 tiny red blossoms locked within the large, scarlet petal Clusters of tiny flowers on leafless stems in summer.Haemanthus

This bulb Haemanthus coccineus has a spotted stem carry a dense umbel made up of hundred of red flowers surrounded by bright red peony shaped flower petals.  Keep dry when dormant