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DIY Wall Clock and What You Need to Make One

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DIY Wall ClockWhen you make the diy wall clock, you will be happy to see what time it is and you can use different framed photos for every hour. Sometime, you may not be that excited to see the clock unless you are waiting for the time to pass since some clocks do not have any thing excited to look on.

diy wall clock 3d

A DIY option is functional and it is the best choice for someone who wants to have a great wall art. You are the one to pick the frames and the photos you wish to use. You do not need to use the materials which are hard to find or hard to work with. You can find the pictures frames with the clock making kit from the local craft store North Carolina.

wall clock North Carolina

To make the clock, you need two sheets, poster and newsprint paper. You should get a pencil, scotch tape, clock making it, cardstock paper and a ruler. The tools you need are hammer, nails, blue painter tape and scissors.

design your own wall clock

You should start by laying down the poster paper or two sheets of the newsprint on a flat surface and to tape one another together by the use of the scotch tape. You should then put the photos into the frame while making sure that they are of the same size and they fit the frames well. When the photos are framed, you should also check if the clock parts also look well. After having all the items for your clock, you should assemble them. You have to follow instructions which are found with the clock making kit while putting the clock together. The next step is tracing where you will put the frames on the wall and to use blue tape at the wall where you will place the photos. When you have the nails in the right place, you will start to hang up the frames together with the clock piece.

wall clock 3d North Carolina

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