Bring Life to the Winter Months with Snow Landscapes

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So, winter has come, and it’s time to kiss your landscaping dreams good-bye, right? No! With snow landscapes, your yard can be as fun and beautiful during the winter months as it is in the spring, summer, and fall. With proper planning, snow covered landscapes can be incredibly beautiful. From Christmas landscapes to late winter landscapes, you can have a winter wonderland in your own backyard and garden, just be sure to control the level of snow in your landscape, you can hire HOA Snow Removal services if it gets out of control. 

Choosing Winter Plants

Choosing Winter Plants

The first step to creating a beautiful garden in the snow is to choose plants that will thrive in the winter. Consider several factors when choosing cold weather plants.


Many trees and shrubs have bark with interesting texture that will stand out once the leaves have fallen from the tree. Ornamental grasses that create seed heads during the cold months and evergreen shrubs that will offer high contrast and elevation to a blanket of snow are both good choices.

Snow Landscapes


Many plants like the PJM Rhododendron keep their colorful leaves through the winter while others put on colorful berries. Some fall plants, like the bergenia, will turn colors when the temperature drops. (The bergenia becomes a deep, rich maroon.)

Twigs and Empty Branches

Even the twigs and empty branches from your summer plants and trees can add to snow landscapes when you think about how they will look under a blanket of white. Before you trim off stray branches or pick up fallen limbs, ask youself if they will make an interesting feature after the first snowfall.

Don’t Forget About Art

Some aspects of garden art look amazing covered in snow. Picture your existing garden statues with a dusting of white powder over them. How will they look? You may also want to consider purchasing some statues and artwork specifically for your winter garden and store your summer pieces until warmer weather returns. And don’t neglect the winter holidays. What can you add to your lawn or garden around Thanksgiving and Christmas that will add extra decorative touches? Such items do not necessarily have to be holiday-themed like red and green hanging lights. What about using small white lights starting in the late fall and using them throughout the season? The lights will glint of the ice crystals in the stone and create a lovely evening effect.

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