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Alice in the Greenhouse

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There are days when I love looking out into my greenhouse from my kitchen window. Other days I wish I had a clear view out into my backyard when I stand at the kitchen sink. A lean-to greenhouse obscures any views outside its walls. Today I had a hummingbird visitor—a cute little female flew in, enticed by the flowers inside the structure that I helped build. With bright light coming in at all angles, she became confused over which way was out. Today I am glad the structure is there and I can observe her for a while and take advantage of a photo op. I snapped a few photos every time she stopped to perch on a pot hanger just outside the window. I don’t know what made me give her a name or why I chose that one, but I named her Alice.

the Greenhouse

Every spring a hummer flies into the structure to feed on any flowers that are blooming inside. It usually happens when it is still too early to move the flowering containers permanently outside. I learned a long time ago not to try to help the hummingbirds find their way out to freedom. My presence in the confines of the greenhouse made one of them panic. In desperation, the little one was slamming itself into the greenhouse panels and wood structure. I imagine the panic placed a lot of stress on its small little body. I quickly left for fear the poor little being would hurt itself. When left alone, they eventually leave the greenhouse—about an hour later, Alice flew away. I hope she learned not to go in there again, or if she does, she will remember where to exit.

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