A ‘rock’ing garden – Rock landscaping ideas

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A rock garden is an easy to construct landscape design that has an alluring effect and can be maintained with relative ease. These rock landscaping ideas greatly add to the appeal of the yard and can be used both for front yards as well as for the back yard. Difficult terrain or parts of the yard that are inhospitable to most plants or other landscaping ideas will be enhanced immensely by adopting rock landscaping.

Rock landscaping ideas can include many rocks that can be chosen to create your rock garden but the best would be limestone, though any local rock or even granite can be used to create the rock garden of your choice.

rock landscaping ideas

The shade under imposing trees have always been a favourite place for setting up rock gardens and these rock gardens are always highlighted by fountains or streams that are lined by these rocks. If you need help taking care of your trees you can hire Tree surgeon north east to help. When a stream is chosen, it should be understood that boulders of varying size should be incorporated to give it a natural look. Plants and shrubs when planted near the streams add to the whole effect. An Aquapro pump would allow the continuous movement of water and the ripple of water is an extremely calming pleasure that provides soothing comfort on hot sunny days. The water loss due to evaporation will help the adjoining lawn area to stay hydrated, thereby providing a good advantage to the entire garden.

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Another advantage of having a rock garden is that it helps prevent erosion. This is an important consideration if one lives near a river bed. The slope of the bank adjoining the river can be covered with rocks to help prevent the sand from sifting away and at the same time to add to the visual appeal of the entire property.

A rock garden for plants can also be created and the rocks used for such rock landscaping ideas can include lava rocks. The area surrounding the flower bed can be outlined with these lava rocks as this will keep the weeds away. Such an outline is also done to create a demarcation that adds significance. The sand within the demarcated area can be removed and prepared for planting the desired plants. The lava rocks can then be used to outline the base of the plant. These rock landscaping ideas are easy to carry out and can be completed without any professional help.

Landscaping rocks

Setting up a rock garden is not merely placing rocks of different dimensions on a sand bed, it involves digging into the sand and placing a bed of rocks, some of which protrude above the sand. The large rocks should be interspersed with smaller rocks so that the rocks are held together. This would give it firmness and strength. The rocks can then be mounted above this in to small mounds, while placing a beautiful statue at the top. Ivy when allowed to grow on the rocks gives it a natural appeal.

Rocks can also be used to create a rustic appeal to outdoor fixtures like a fireplace or even a Jacuzzi. The rocks should be placed surrounding these fixtures as an outline, which would create an effect as if these fixtures were made of rocks.

The rock landscaping ideas can also accommodate ideas where the grass is completely left out of the lawn and the space is filled with small stones or slate tiles. Big rocks with flat tops can be used to sit on along the sides, giving a whole new dimension to rock landscaping. Tall bamboo shoots can be planted to enhance the effect of this particular type of landscaping.

landscaping with rocks wilson

If you’d rather go in for a grass lawn, then a rock footpath would be an ideal rock landscaping idea. The path may be 2 stoned or a single stones, it could even include an impression of a foot in it! This will prevent people from walking all over the grass and at the same time act as an added attraction.

The rock garden landscape is an ideal landscaping idea for areas which are very rocky. In such situations cheap rock landscaping can be accomplished by using rocks that are already available to get the desired effect. These cheap small rock landscaping ideas will prove even more useful in slopes where such rock landscaping ideas will help prevent soil erosion and at the same time help to anchor plants.

landscaping with rocks

An important note to remember while drawing upon rock landscaping ideas is that when rocks are used for landscaping they should not be placed in isolation from the grass. The grass or any other plant should be allowed to grow along the rocks to give the whole landscape a natural appeal. The rocks should be interspersed with plants and there should always be a few rocks that are placed away from the main rock landscaping structure. The plants that have been found to grow well with rocks are alpine plants that are found in large umbers in many nurseries. Some of these alpines flower during spring, autumn and winter, thereby ensuring colour during large parts of the year. Many of these plants stay green and healthy and so are ideal choices for rack gardens.

Rock wall landscaping ideas with shell rock include walls made of such rocks that offer sturdy definition of one’s property while also keeping noise levels low.

Water irrigation for these rock landscaping ideas is very important as these plants would not be able to take in large amounts of water. Water would have to drain away without water ever stagnating. This makes rock gardens ideal for slopes.

Rock landscaping ideas offer breathtaking effects that are sure to create a sensation with everyone and would be a pleasing sight to sit around during the evenings.

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